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Information on Amatuer Radio and more....

Amateur Radio:

A non-profit hobby serving the public need in times of emergency.


Coming Soon:

The 1290 GLI Radio Club Mailboxes:

K2AAW-1:145.xx 1200 Baud
K2AAW-1 441.xx 1200 Baud

The WA2FNQ BBS/Mailbox System:

The WA2FNQ BBS/Node has been off the air for years. This information is provided for reference only.

Located in Northport, N.Y [FN30IV] with 1200 baud 2 meter user port on 145.05 MHz.

Packet Links:

The FBB Home Page
EastNet Packet.Net
The Genuine FlexNet Home Page

Packet Info:

The WA2FNQ PBBS Monitor
Monitor your local BBS to see if you have mail.
Using the WA2FNQ FlexNet node
FlexNet user information.

Packet Pictures:

Packet on the Road
The Packet Picture Scrapbook

FM Simplex:

When possible WA2FNQ monitors 145.70 MHz on the 2 meter band.

Fast Scan ATV:

W1CTC/WA2FNQ meet every Wednesday at 8:30 pm local time on 434 Mhz simplex. 2 meter FM talk frequency is 144.34 MHz.

WA2FNQ-TV transmits in full color and stereo on 434.00 MHz. Talk frequency audio may be heard on the SAP channel.

ATV Links:

Amateur Television Network
The British Amateur Television Club

TV and ATV Info:

Getting on ATV:
Fast Scan ATV Information
Stereo TV:
The BTSC Format
Find out about HDTV

ATV Pictures:

The WA2FNQ ATV Picture Scrapbook
The WA2PJP Repeater


Listen for WA2FNQ in AM Stereo on 75/80 meters.  

Generating the AM sound at WA2FNQ:

The 4-400 Transmitter
The Johnsons and the linear AM transmitter

Some Audio Samples:

If these audio samples don't play correctly right click and download them to listen.

This recording was made by Eric, WB2CAU, using a Flex software defined radio:
The 4-400 off air.

Listen to some off air audio samples of WA2FNQ in stereo on 75 meters:

This recording was made by Pete, WA1SOV, using a Sony SRF A100 I.F. coupled to his receiver:
The 4-400 off air in stereo.

These recordings are of the linear AM transmitter in stereo:

These samples were recorded by Pete, WA1SOV using a Sony SRF A100 I.F. coupled to his SP 600:
Sample 1
Sample 2

Here's a sample recorded using a Gonset converter ahead of a Sony SRF 42 with the transmitter in the dummy load:
SRF 42 Test
Please note that even though the transmitter was in the dummy load any distortion you may hear is because the
Gonset converter was operating under near overload conditons.

This is what the transmitter sounds like on the stations monitor with the transmitter in the dummy load:
Modulation Monitor Sample

Here's my part 15 transmitter in AM stereo:
Part 15 transmitter

And what about single sideband? "That stuff will never sound good" you say. Well... take a listen to this audio sample
of Eric, WB2CAU talking to WB2RON:
Eric on SSB
Eric is transmitting on a FlexRadio Systems software defined radio received on a software defined radio. Using modern
technology SSB can be made to sound very good. With an SDR it's all in the software, what ever mode you want to run.
Go to the FlexRadio Systems site where you can learn more. You can download the software and use the SoftRock radio
board or roll your own.
Here's some other software for the SoftRock board:
If you don't think clean audio can be achived with asymetrical modulation Read This.
Who's that lady? You've heard her for years on WA2FNQ.
Now see the face behind the voice of the WA2FNQ I.D.s.

AM Links:

The WA1SOV Home Page

Find out about Digital Broadcasting:

Digital Radio Mondiale the world wide standard for digital radio below 30 Mhz.

iBiquity Digital the system known as IBOC and used for AM/FM broadcasting in the USA.
Listen to some "off air" FM audio samples HERE.

Digital Ham Radio:

Check out the Ham Radio version of DRM:
The HB9TLK site
The N1SU site

Some Pictures:

Pictues of WA2FNQ from the early 70's to 1989.
Pictures of WA2FNQ since 1989.
See the most recent pictures of WA2FNQ.
And here are some pictures of the upstairs radio station. This was my wifes idea. Pretty cool, huh?
This is where it all started. Pictures of the old shack of K2AAW/WA2FNQ.

A Trip to Connecticut - September 4, 1999
See "The Day The Oil Burner Died" August 2005.
Installing the PIEXX board in the ICOM IC 745
Superstorm Sandy November 2012. 9 days without power.
Here's some important tips on survivng a storm.

Club Links:

The 1290 GLI Amateur Radio Club
The Greater Norwalk Amateur Radio Club
The Larkfield Amateur Radio Club
The Orange County Amateur Radio Club
SCARA The Southcentral Connecticut Amateur Radio Association
The Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club

The Home Box Office Amateur Radio Club and the Suffolk Police Amateur Radio Club.
If you heard WB2HBO on the air during Field Day that was us!
See some pictures of the HBO/SPARC Field Day 2005
See some pictures of the HBO/SPARC Field Day 2006
See some pictures of the HBO/SPARC Field Day 2007
See some pictures of the HBO/SPARC Field Day 2008
HBO/SPARC Field Day 2009 Coming soon to this spot... we hope!!
There was no HBO/SPARC Field Day for 2010 but see what I did for Field Day.


Information on ships and cruises we've been on:
The WA2FNQ Cruise Page

Historic Northport, New York (Home of WA2FNQ):

The Northport Chamber of Commerce Web Site
The Northport Historical Society and Museum

My High School - Northport High School
Northport High School Class Of '68

Long Island:

Links for some things to see on Long Island -
Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation
Atlantis Marine World

The Big Duck:
Offbeat Attractions on
The Story of our "Long Island Duckling"
The Big Duck

Long Island Rairoad History

Psychic Connections:

Do you believe in the other side?

The Long Island Medium:
Theresa Caputo

John Edward:
John Edward's Web Site

Radio and Broadcasting:

One of the leading radio stations on Long Island:
106.1 WBLI Patchogue, N.Y.
See a piece of Long Island radio history:
1290 WGLI Babylon, N.Y.
Take a look back at what was two major radio stations on Long Island:
740 WGSM Huntington, N.Y./94.3 WCTO Smithtown, N.Y.
How to rebuild a tower and stay on the air at the same time:
See the WMJC tower being rebuilt.
For more Long Island Radio history visit the:
L.I. Radio History web site

See Long Island Radio and TV Day 2009
See Long Island Radio and TV Day 2010
The number one radio station of all time:
Musicradio 77 WABC

Keep up with what's happening on the radio scene with:
The NorthEast Radio Watch
Take a tour of some other interesting transmitter sites on:
Jim Hawkin's Radio and Broadcast Technology Page
We were there:
See the Armstrong 70th Commemeration of FM Radio, June 11, 2005 at Alpine N.J.
For more information visit:
The Phasitrion Vacuum Tube Web Page
Have you see the movie "Pirate Radio"? Here's the real deal:
The Radio Caroline web site
Listen to them live on Internet
The Cyber Home Of The Ross Revenge   Check out the transmitters.
Here's a program about Amateur Radio:
Ted Randall's QSO Show Radio Show

Traditional terrestrial radio has enjoyed a long, historic period. But in recent days people have become disatisfied with the limited variety of programming available on the AM/FM dial. Music has disappeared from AM radio. Stations have been bought up by a few media giants. Formats have disappeared leaving listeners to search elsewhere for their favorite music. While the portable .mp3 player is one solution there are a couple of other alternatives:

Satellite Radio

Many people who don't mind paying a fee for the privledge of listening to a wide variety of formats have turned to Satellite Radio for entertainment.

Sirius/XM Satellite Radio

Internet Radio:

With thousands of stations available, Internet Radio is yet another alternative to terrestrial broadcasting. Many of these stations are commercial free and the only cost to you is your internet connection. You can listen to stations from all over the world while you're working on your PC using a free player like Winamp.

For example listen to 1290 GLI
Bringing back a small part of what was once "The Mighty 1290 WGLI" on the Internet.

Or check out the many stations available on SHOUTcast.

There are new advances in technology which are beginning to make Internet Radio competitive with terrestrial and satellite broadcasting. Widespread WiFi will enable you to listen to Internet radio anywhere. There now are many WiFi enabled radios which will allow you to listen to Internet radio without the use of your computer. Internet enabled radios in cars promises to be around the corner. It's also interesting to note that many terrestrial broadcasters have begun to make their stations available on the internet as well We have nothing to do with this but here's WFNQ - FM.

The Twin Towers:

Our unity is a kinship of grief and steadfast resolve to prevail over our enemies.
Here buildings fell.... here a nation rose.
George W. Bush

Remembering September 11, 2001

I feel this way about it. World trade means world peace and consequently the World Trade Center buildings in New York ... had a bigger purpose than just to provide room for tenants. The World Trade Center is a living symbol of man's dedication to world peace ... beyond the compelling need to make this a monument to world peace, the World Trade Center should, because of its importance, become a representation of man's belief in humanity, his need for individual dignity, his beliefs in the cooperation of men, and through cooperation, his ability to find greatness.
Minoru Yamasaki, chief architect of the World Trade Center

Some links to information on the Twin Towers:
The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
Images of the World Trade Center
World Trade Center - Are We There Yet?
World Trade Center, Observatory

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